Brisbane Fencing will allow you to experience best fencing possible and one of our ways in presenting this is through our simple quoting process we have provided below for your consideration.

Our Brisbane Fencing quoting processes are as follows:

  1. You will be receiving our exclusive FREE and WITHOUT OBLIGATION quotes for your fencing requirements – your home will be visited by our company representative who would conduct area inspection and assessment. All pertinent information MUST be provided so that your fencing needs will be delivered according to your specific demands.

  1. Appointment and Follow-up – this second process entails further steps in completing your fencing requirements with us and entails between 30 and 60 minutes of your time:

  • Budget allocation – we have to know specifically how much are you willing to spend on our fencing plans. We have to properly determine this to avoid unnecessary expenses like re-planning and re-assessment fees.

  • Fencing materials – we would like you to be very EXACT on what type of material/s your fencing would have and what kind of fencing you would like for us to install in and around your home.

  • Designs and styles – your fences speak about your home and your personality in more ways you could imagine. We require you to be creative and inform us about the design/s you would like your fences to carry and what style/s to go along with it/them to match with your home’s appeal.

  • Deadline – we normally deliver our clients’ projects within three working days. If you are in a rush in having your fencing finished earlier than this allocated time frame then please inform us immediately to avoid inconveniences on your behalf.

We at Brisbane Fencing are always keen in providing you with best fencing services. Please call our free number at 1300 763 205 for more details. You may likewise contact our office number at 0448 534 719 or our international number at +61 448 534 719.

We look forward in servicing your fencing requirements soon.