Aluminium and Glass Balustrade Brisbane

Brisbane Fencing’s balustrade system is the perfect solution for both indoor and outdoor use giving your project a stylish and sleek feature to your home spaces or if it’s a commercial building project. They are an excellent and modern alternative around balconies and decks, providing aesthetically pleasing views and provide safety and durability.

At our factory in Crestmead South Brisbane we manufacture everything in house with the latest techniques we can ensure a quality product with acceptable timelines.

There are a few limitations as to where balustrades can be installed and our company representative is more than happy to offer you on site advice in this situation We can supply custom made glass or aluminium balustrades to suit your requirements whether you require a deck surround, or a balustrade for your stairwell, we supply and fit..

Brisbane fencing has put over 10 years of research and development in creating a fully engineered product that has outstood the test of time on both residential and commercial building applications. For quality and pieces of mind whether it is supply only or supply and install, our engineering certificates are available to all our customers.

With our inhouse powder coating facility we can offer and Dulux powder coating colour available from our colour chart or we can have it colour matched to your requirements

Frameless Glass Balustrade Brisbane

Frameless Glass balustrades systems are perfect for both indoor and outdoor spaces and add a stylish and sleek modern look to your home. They are an excellent system that brings a modern alternative around balconies, voids and decks, providing uninterrupted views and allowing natural light to flow into your home.

With these frameless systems widely used in the building industry and with years of development we offer a range of frameless glass balustrade styles that include stainless steel round or square in polish and satin. The handrail option includes a 50 x 10 square, 25 x 50 square, 40mm dia round and 50mm dia round. We can also provide a Dulux powder coated colour option giving you more option for your desired look

Frameless Glass Types

GB1 SYSTEM frameless glass consist of glass spigots square or round and a top mounted handrail 50mm x 25mm or 21mm x 25mm. This product comes in many finishes that include polish stainless steel, brushed stainless steel or powder coated to and Dulux powder coating colour.

GB2 SYSTEM consist of round or square spigots with a off set top mounted handrail that is fixed through mounting holes in the 12mm glass. This comes with the options of a 50mm x 25mm square, 50mm x 10mm square or 40mm,50mm round in all polish or satin finish. There is also a custom colour option available out of our Dulux powder coating colour chart.

GB3 SYSTEM Frameless Glass balustrade fascia fixed or also known as pinned fixed glass consists of stainless steel 2205 patch fitting that come in 2 options 38mm round or 50mm round and also with a offset handrail that can be a 50mm x 25mm square or 40mm,50mm round or you may want a top channel capping option 21mm x25mm, 50mm x 25mm. The pinned fixed glass can be used for both residential and commercial applications with the advantage Brisbane fencing can give you an option of Polish stainless steel, Satin brushed stainless steel, Matt black coating or with our in-house powder coating facility we can powder coat any Dulux powder coating colour you desire.

Semi-Frameless Glass Balustrade

Semi-Frameless is a cost-effective solution and provides a modern look for your home, whether your renovating you home or just want to give your home a cost effective face lift semi frameless glass is the ideal choice. With years of research and development Brisbane fencing has come up with an engineered semi frameless system that can be used for both residential and commercial use up to 20 stories.

On our engineered semi-frameless system, we use 12mm heat-soaked glass to go above and beyond the minimal requirement on both GB1 and GB2 systems keeping us above the competitor on both quality and ascetics. Brisbane fencing can also match and existing balustrade system if it meets building code.

Aluminium Balustrade Systems

Aluminium balustrade systems are widely used in building applications weather is residential or commercial they act as a fall barrier so when choosing the style Brisbane fencing has the ideal solution with everything manufactured in house this gives you the opportunity to design and create your own style and design of balustrade from modern to classic look.

Brisbane Fencings balustrade options include but not limited 16mm Round, 19mm Round or 19 x 19mm Square balusters – and three main Rail options – 38mm x 25mm, 40 x 40mm Square, 50 x 50mm, 25 x 50, 40×80, 100×50 Square & 70 x 30mm Oval. With few limitations Brisbane Fencing can create custom designs and stair panels to suit you requirements will our well facilitated manufacturing process your job can be completed with ease weather it be supply only or supply and install.

Tubular Balustrade Styles

Our Tubular Balustrade has three Tube options – 16mm Round, 19mm Round or 19 x 19mm Square – and three Rail options – 40 x 40mm Square, 50 x 50mm Square & 70 x 30mm Oval. As well as our Standard Tubular fencing styles your home. With few limitations Brisbane Fencing can create custom designs and stair panels to suit you requirements.

Architectural ALUMINIUM Balustrade Styles

The modern look of many new homes requires innovative balustrade. Our Architectural Balustrades come in 2 Aluminium Slat sizes, 65x16mm and 40x16mm, or 50 x 25mm Aluminium Angle. As well as these options, Brisbane Fencing can create custom designs and stair panels to suit your home.

Fencing Colours Available

We have available your choice of a custom colour option out of our Dulux powder coating colour chart.

Brisbane Fencing Colour Range

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